Global Guidelines for the Nutritional Care of Preterm Infants 2022 Symposium

Berthold Koletzko, MD, PhD, and Brenda B. Poindexter, MD, MS, are lead expert contributors to the updated and expanded 2nd edition of the global guidelines for the Nutritional Care of Preterm Infants.

Improved care for premature infants has increased survival rates in very low and extremely low-birth-weight infants. Recent evidence related to nutritional requirements contributes to improved long-term health outcomes for premature infants. In this course, filmed at a live symposium, Dr. Koletzko and Dr. Poindexter present key nutritional needs, new lipid and protein requirements, and how to approach human milk fortification in premature infants. They discuss guidance for clinical application, while highlighting continued research opportunities to advance nutritional care of preterm infants.

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