What do the more advanced cognitive tests show related to how early exposure to DHA impacts later neurocognition? Does the timing and dose of DHA matter?

Professor of psychology, John A. Colombo, PhD, who is affiliated with child language, clinical child psychology, and neuroscience doctoral programs, explains the importance of omega-3 DHA on brain development. Dr. Colombo reviews DHA studies and how outcomes are related to cognitive function, as well as how DHA relates to longer-term cognitive outcomes. Dr. Colombo describes advanced cognitive tests that target cognition in school-aged children, and how early exposure to DHA impacts later neurocognition. 

  • Impact of omega-3 DHA on early brain development
  • Impact of early DHA exposure on long-term neurocognition
  • Review of advanced cognitive tests
  • John Colombo, PhD

    Professor of Psychology
    Director of the Schiefelbusch Institute for Life Span Studies
    Interim Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    University of Kansas
    Lawrence, Kansas