Individualized Fortification of Breast Milk for Preterm Infants
Miami Neonatology 2018 — 42nd Annual International Conference

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Mother’s breast milk is notably considered the gold standard for infants’ nutrition. However, Christoph Fusch, MD, PhD, discusses evidence that reveals the macronutrient composition from breast milk is variable and may not provide adequate nutrients for the essential growth and neurodevelopment needed in preterm infants. The challenge with enteral nutrition is determining how to achieve a healthy balance between appropriate nutritional intake while also reducing the risk of sepsis and necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) in preterm infants in order to achieve good growth and developmental outcomes. Dr. Fusch reviews the benefits and drawbacks of mother’s milk, donor milk, and fortified infant formula in premature infants, as well as evaluating the optimum composition of infant milk fortification.

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  • Christoph Fusch, MD, PhD, FRCPC

    Professor of Pediatrics, Paracelsus Medical School
    Professor Emeritus, McMaster University
    Chief, Department of Pediatrics
    Nuremberg General Hospital
    Nuremberg, Germany